Book review

Book review: Welcome to Outcast Station by Jeanne Adams and Nancy Northcott.

**I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review** (Cover art and summary from Goodreads)

Outcast station


The Accidental Plague by Jeanne Adams

Outcast Station is a backwater, but for BVax Scientist Ravinisha Trentham, any posting is better than washing dishes. Ravi is top in her graduating class, but only Outcast would hire a McKeonite. Someone on station wants her dead, but when a plague breaks out, Ravi may be their only hope. If the murderer gets to her first, everyone will die.

The New Badge by Nancy Northcott

Deputy Marshal Hank Tremaine crosses the wrong person and lands at Outcast Station, the armpit of the Terran colonies. His hostile boss promptly assigns him to a backcountry murder. Solving it will help redeem his reputation and get him back to more civilized space. Failing to find the killer, though, will bury his career once and for all.


I love underdog and sci-fi stories. Welcome to Outcast Station combines them beautifully. While the book actually seems to be a set of novellas focusing on two different characters, it worked well for me.

I enjoyed the writing, the character development, and the well-paced mystery. I will definitely read other books by the authors.

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