Crafting and writing


If you’re reading this post, you most likely came here due to my book, The Accidental Gatekeeper. Thanks and welcome!

I plan to use this blog for writing updates, as well as crafting tips.


On my author blog?? Sweet home Alabama, WHY????

Because an artistic brain is a wonky brain. I have a craft store on Etsy (PinkSquirrelFarm) where I sell junk journals. What does this have to do with writing? When I’m working on journal layouts, I often have plot ideas for the book I’m writing. When I’m writing, sometimes journal ideas pop into my head. Maybe an artistic brain is also a multi-tasking wonkfest.

Today I wanted to give a quick and easy tutorial on sewing a signature (the book pages) into a journal. There are millions of videos on YouTube–some are just as easy, while others are far more complicated.

I use the 3-hole method. After punching the 3 holes into my journal with my super nifty Crop-A-Dile 2 Big Bite Punch by We R Memory Keepers, I set eyelets to make the holest more secure. I also punch holes into my paper to make it easier to sew. HINT: secure the pages with small binder clips before punching and sewing. It’ll save so much aggravation in the long run. And, uh … perhaps a chocolate chip cookie binge or two.

I use waxed book-binder thread I buy from Amazon. The wax helps the knots to stay strong. I measure 3 lengths of the book, which will leave enough extra string to easily tie a knot and to attach charms to the spine.

I start from the outside and insert the needle through the middle hole. Make sure to leave enough of a “tail” to tie the knot at the end. (I prefer to tie the knot on the outside to keep the pages smoother.) I then insert the needle into the top hole.

Once the needle is out of the top hole, reinsert it into the middle hole. Be careful not to pierce the thread already there. Or lose the “tail.”

Then insert the needle through the bottom hole.

Wrap the bottom thread around the top thread to make a stronger knot. Then tie it with the “tail.” I usually double or triple knot it.

The knot should stay hidden inside the middle eyelet. And you’ll have plenty of thread left to add charms. Or cut it off and use for other projects.

This is what your inside paper will look like. I hope the instructions were clear. Have a fun and safe 4th of July, y’all.

Time for me to get back to writing!!